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What you should also keep in mind is that the entrepreneur you are considering hiring for this all-important job is a person, a person with a distinct personality. 

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And that, although the planner is an entrepreneur, all business people don't see things the same way, or do a task the same way, communicate with others the same way, or deal with stress in the same way. For example, while I'm a very responsible, organized, detail-oriented person who likes to make sure that whatever project I'm working on more than meets client expectations, that doesn't mean I don't like to have fun when I'm at work. . 

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I also want to enjoy the company of the person I am doing business with. And just because I like to laugh doesn't mean I don't take my job seriously. That's me. Both clients and planners are individuals with their own personality. And while all clients and planners naturally want their event to go exactly as planned, we all have our own way of making it happen. 

Some of us want to have a little fun and laugh while working on a project; some of us take a more serious or no-nonsense approach to working on a project. Some of us are more verbal and can convey our ideas well, some of us are more reserved, maybe we need someone else to articulate and communicate our ideas. 

Some of us are more visual and need to see things drawn or written to better understand a plan or concept. If we agree that we are all individuals and have different ways of interacting and interacting with others, it seems logical that working with a planner whose work style and personality complement yours would lead to the development from a good working relationship and to a successful production of an event. 

It would also follow that if you are comfortable with your wedding planner, find it easy to talk to them, you can better communicate your vision for your wedding day. And the long and sometimes complicated process of planning your wedding day will likely go a lot smoother, which in turn will likely result in a great day for you and your guests.

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